Scoopd is an entertainment & opinion based blog. Focusing on various topics ranging from cars, tech, games and more. Scoopd began as a way of sharing our opinions that may not be as popular as other's opinions. Currently, Scoopd is still developing as we dabble with tech, design & reviews.

The Scoopd Timeline

The Beginning

Circa. 2016

Scoopd begins as a YouTube/Twitch channel and starts streaming video games.

An Automotive Interest

Jan. 2019

We start taking an interest towards automotive journalism. A passion we've had long before Scoopd began.

The First Blog Post

March 2019

Scoopd's first article goes live - a gaming article. This also marked the registration of and furthering our media in several categories.


April 2019

We start reviewing various items, notably, cars and technology. Opening up to potential sponsors for future activity.

Scoopd was first created circa. 2016 as a YouTube channel with the ambition to create new and interesting content, whether it was something we were genuinely passionate about or whether it was something to inspire others… it’s always been at the heart of what we do.

The transition to focus on automotive journalism started in March 2019, but the mission still stands to deliver great content that we’ve put all of our passion into. So, welcome to Scoopd – you’ll see plenty of our ramblings about what we think may be right or wrong within the world, more specifically the automotive industry.

Scoopd's Numbers

Since Scoopd's inception on March 16, 2019, Scoopd has:

  • Acquired 390 new users.*
  • Received over 4,000 unique page views.*
  • A user base across the globe. The top 3 countries being the United Kingdom, United States & India.*
  • 65% of visitors returning.*

Though, these may seem like small numbers, we are proud of the consistancy and steady incline of traffic to our blog. We have no other advertising taking place, and simply work on growing by getting our content out and improving with each article.

If you're looking to support us, or if you wanted to negotiate advertising/sponsored content you can contact

*Statistics are correct as of September 2, 2019.

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