It’s hard to believe how quickly a year can fly by. Scoopd has rapidly changed over these past few months and it’s great to see how well it’s doing.

When I created Scoopd, I had a simple vision; write about things I love. At the time, I was watching and reading a lot of reviews on cars. I wanted to be like these people, I looked up to the likes of Doug DeMuro and Regular Car Reviews. I had no experience whatsoever in writing, but I was determined to just do something.

Initially, I just wanted to write about cars, I wanted to give my opinion. I was fed up of seeing the typical dribble about supercars, and the lack of the everyday average car. It’s obvious that since then, Scoopd has been focusing on various topics.

In this little update, I wanted to go over these topics and what I intend for the future of Scoopd.

A 2020 Vision

Glasses on a laptop with a phone and mouse either side with the text written above: "Scoopd A 2020 Vision".
Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

The new year is quickly approaching and like most others, we tend to think about what we’re going to do. It’s no secret that I write the majority of content on Scoopd, and that’s partially down to me wanting to put my thoughts and opinions into writing… and also down to the lack of writers for Scoopd.

So, that leads me to the first point:

Who Is Writing What?

At the moment, I’ve been creating several posts ranging from automotive to tech. I still want there to be a focus on these topics, but I need to leave room for more editors. The Scoopd blog initially started with 2 writers, and there were a few others who wanted to join. That passion unfortunately diminished with some of the other writers and the only other person involved is now Oliver Booth.

Oliver has been focusing largely on the tech category as well as the “Terrible Web Designs And How To Fix Them” series. But, naturally, these things are taking some time and patience. All for good reason, we’ve got other things we’re working on.

Myself? I’ve been working largely on the upkeep of Scoopd, as well as the automotive category and the YouTube channel. I’ve got a tonne of other projects to work on such as the iMac and a new entry – a MacBook Air. The thing is, I’m trying to learn stuff outside of Scoopd, I want to broaden my skill set. Think of it as a little adventure.

With that said, I’m looking for volunteers to help Scoopd grow. If there is anyone passionate about writing, whether it be tech, games, cars, or any other topic, then I’d be glad to hear from you. If you feel up to the challenge, then you can send a message over to

What’s With The Other Categories?

Whereas it’s true Scoopd originally started as an automotive blog, it’s pretty obvious the structure has taken a slight detour through some other categories. I just wanted to make it clear that there has never been a key focus. However, I would like to outline some changes.

I am not a professional motoring journalist, I have no background in journalism, and I’ve certainly never studied the subject. However, I do have opinions, and I have no shame in writing about these thoughts. But there is a certain sense of pressure when I’m writing about vehicles, which is one of the reasons I’m looking to reduce the amount I write about them.

Instead, Scoopd will be primarily focusing on technology, this may sound a bit vague — but hear me out. Technology will be a parent category. Gaming and automotive will have their own place under technology. And there’s a good reason for this – we want to start focusing more on EV’s.

There’s been a rapid rise in electric vehicles recently and there’s hardly any coverage. When you think of it, they’re important, say what you will about the climate crisis and the use of petrol & diesel. But it’s blatantly obvious those fuels will not be around forever, and that’s because there is a finite amount to be shared. So – with electric vehicles being tech, it’ll soon be falling under that parent category.

This doesn’t mean it will be the end of our fossil-fueled vehicle reviews, it’s just there will be a steady decline in those types of reviews. As well as that, there will be an increase in topics like gadgets, games & general technology.

Let’s Talk Community

Engagement is key when talking opinions, sure, I know that. A few eagle-eyed readers may have noticed on our Twitter and Facebook page there’s been a lot more reposts. So let’s address that:

I’ve been working on reposting older items to engage with Scoopd’s audience a little more. It may come across as a little bit annoying as there are 2 reposts every day. This will eventually be trimmed down to just one every day, but for now, it does drive more traffic to the blog.

Regardless, traffic to the site isn’t necessarily what’s important – but it’s what you as a reader find engaging. This is why we’ve set up a Discord server for the community to get involved. We’re really hoping this will be a great way for us to engage with you, and for us to look for some guest writers here! Along with that, we’ve upgraded our comments section to now include Disqus.

My hopes for next year is to see our community broaden, and with enough time, to see a better involvement with the community. Maybe within enough time, we could even start a subreddit. But until then, we’ll try our best with our current resources.

Why The Push To Advertise?

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that if you enjoy doing something, you may as well be paid to do so, right? You’ll probably have noticed the push to advertise on Scoopd — this is all in good faith, of course. I’m not necessarily expecting offers left, right and centre. However, I’m actually hoping to have the chance of being sponsored to review products.

Why sponsors? Put as honestly and bluntly as possible; I don’t want Scoopd to be littered with adverts. It just doesn’t look good. With a sponsor, we can say yes to a specific advertisement. Which leaves us reviewing items we’ll more than likely appreciate or leave room for fair criticism.

On the other hand, if we’re allowing any run of the mill advert to appear on the site, it starts to get bogged down and cluttered. I want the Scoopd experience to be as clean as possible. Uninterrupted.

More will follow on this once the advertising page is complete where we’ll give a complete breakdown of how advertising will work. For now, if you are interested, you can email

Website Design Changes

The design for Scoopd has changed substantially since it first emerged. And there’s been a haul of small changes that you may have not even noticed. There are more to come, but it’s hard to pin down exactly when they’ll be done. Nevertheless, I’ll bullet some of the main points of interest:

  • A new navigation system – A sidebar that will work cohesively across desktop, mobile and tablets.
  • A search function.
  • A footer that will always stick to the bottom.
  • An improved footer.

There will more than likely be other smaller updates along the way, but these are to be expected. At some point, there will be a complete overhaul to the user experience, but that will come in due course.


2019 has been an impressive start for Scoopd. We’ve reached a wide audience with only 30 or so posts. As well as that, there’s been just over 5.5 thousand views, with over 550 individual users. This is excellent considering the year still isn’t even over yet.

I have very high hopes for next year. And I’m sure that things will only get better as time goes on. Most of all, I’m happy I’m able to share some of my opinions, and I can definitely tell I’ve improved with my writing since this blog began.

I’m happy to get working on some new projects, and more of that will come in the future. But until then, thank you for being a part of Scoops. Happy reading, folks.

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