The 10th September 2019 marked that special time of year – the Apple Event. The event that hypes up many tech enthusiasts, hipsters and coffee shop laptop bloggers around the globe.

Apple have a track record for releasing products that improve on their prior product. Put simply, it doesn’t feel like there’s been much of an improvement on the latest iPhone.

I have no doubt that the latest iPhone has actually improved. I mean, there are new features… for one, that obscure camera set up. But I feel like that’s where their efforts have been focused. It is largely impressive, but, in typical Apple fashion, these features are yet again, nothing new.

Those Damn Notches

This now marks Apple’s 3rd generation of recent iPhones with notches. To clarify, my issue isn’t the fact it still has a notch, in fact, it’s almost inevitable it would have one. No, my issue is that it’s nothing new. In many phones, we’ve seen manufacturers opt in for alternatives. Alternatives such as the punch hole, or the pop up camera.

It sort of feels like Apple isn’t really innovating anymore, they’re just sticking with familiarity because, well, it sells. That’s just business though. I miss the days when Apple produced something different… remember that slogan? Think Different.

I feel that their consumers just aren’t being listened to. You’ll find personalities such as Lew from Unbox Therapy mocking the notch. And there’s good reason for this, it’s just wasted screen space.

There’s something about slapping a “pro” nametag to a product that doesn’t really offer anything new that’s concerning.

It’s Still Impressive

Don’t misunderstand the title here… I’m still not entirely sure the iPhone is any more special than the last. I will say that I am impressed by the quality of the phone.

Variations of the iPhone 11, announed at the Apple Event
Photo: Apple Newsroom

In typical Apple fashion they are still impressing me with the overall design of the phone. Though, that rear camera is surely going to trigger someone’s trypophobia.

At least that rear camera is housing a rather impressive set of sensors. Something that Apple made a rather big case of on stage. But what I’m most impressed by is the possibilities of future mobile videography. A 4k 60fps with stunning details. Seems pretty neat.

Though, it’s all about how you can actually create a scene, I’m not saying every video you make will be a cinematic masterpiece… but at least the quality will be somewhat better.

Going Forward

It’s no surprise that Apple has become more and more uninspiring over recent years. Watching the Apple Event, it’s almost plain to see that.

If anything, they’ve just made it clear that nothing interesting is going to be revealed any time soon. Nothing that we haven’t seen from other tech giants at least.

If you haven’t caught up on the latest from the Apple Event, then I’d certainly suggest watching it to form your own opinions.

But, I for one, would certainly love to see Apple going back to their radical new designs. Much like how the first iMac showed the world that we don’t have to have boring bricks as home computers. Maybe, Apple could show the world we don’t need boring slates for phones. Who knows?

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