Whether it be amazing new features, or extreme downgrades, players just can’t seem to find new reasons to tear down Bethesda’s latest all-online game. So, in this short article, Scoopd asks the question – what’s the big deal?

I was first introduced to the idea of a completely online Fallout game during Bethesda’s summer E3 conference in 2017, and I scoffed at the idea… “an online Fallout game? Pfft, it’s a disaster waiting to happen” I thought to myself. To be fair, it’d seem a lot of people felt that way, and a lot of people still think that way.

I first bought Fallout 76 around the start of the new year, turns out the ridicule and negative response brought the price down to £15 at my local PC World, at that price I couldn’t really turn it down. Baffled, and somewhat confused I couldn’t believe that what I was playing was actually a decent game. Don’t get me wrong, the game has it’s flaws, there are many of them, but what I played was actually a pleasant experience. The world is so well built and I’ve been lost just wondering around in the different forests and mountains of post apocalyptic West Virginia.

But wait, why am I not just completely denouncing the game and depriving it of a fair review? Well, to be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s because after their announcement at E3 I just completely switched off from that point. I didn’t pay attention to any reviews and I didn’t take the time to watch any gameplay videos or bug reports. I just left it aside for a few months until I decided to give it a try. I went into the game with a clean slate. The thing is, when people start with a negative idea and keep pushing at that negativity, it eventually catches on – it seems appealing for others to ‘fit in’ with the norm and push someone else’s idea further, yet, I had fun, I still do indeed have fun playing this game, and nothing beats scavenging around in a wasteland with your mates trying to fend off an army of somewhat ill-levelled feral ghouls.

The point I’m trying to get at here is, what is the big deal? No NPC’s? Could be worse, you skip through a bunch of dialogue and get straight back into the game. No storyline? Okay, I get this one, the storyline is somewhat lackluster… but, it’s kind of nice, back when I was younger, storylines in games used to be minimal, everything was focused on gameplay and how much fun you could get out of it, we get lost these days in the Hollywood experience with deep and rich storylines to the point we just forget. A game is a game. Bugs? Bethesda. Nothing more on that one. Cash grab? I won’t deny that this game was rushed just in time for that final quarter of the year, and the game certainly did feel rushed, like, it was lacking small things here and there. But to call it a cash grab is petty, every game is a cash grab, businesses don’t expect to receive nothing from their games, in an ideal world, maybe they might, but it certainly isn’t happening anytime soon.

To summarise, it’s important to form your own unbiased opinions. I’m certainly not expecting to make heads turn, and it probably will not even change your opinion of the game one way or another. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts and opinions, I may have just dug myself into a hole without realising but, please, answer my question, what’s the big deal?

Got any criticisms? Please let us know, Scoopd is relatively new and this is our first dive into online journalism.

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